Hello everyone!
I have sold my house and I am needing to move into a camp trailer for a few months and won’t be able to take my plethora of tanks. I need to find homes for my cichlids and haven’t had luck here local where I live. If there is anyone In the Bend area or willing to meet me in the bend area on Sunday the 30th I have some lovely fish needing a new homes.
I was going to take them to the fish store in Bend but they didn’t really seem to want them.
Sorry for the google pictures.
I have 1 male maingano
2 yellow labs (one female and one male)
3 Convicts ( 2 males 1 female) the female has about 5-8 fry with her right now.
1 common pleco
I just really want them to go to good knowledgeable homes. Message me if interested in any of them! Thanks everyone =)