Hi, Am moving and need to find a new home for this. (Apologies for the double-post but I can't figure out how to delete the prior posting)
Located in Larchmont, Local pickup only. Call or text 914 984 5145

Tank is more than 10 years old but is in good shape, no leaks.
There are plastic decals on the outside back of the tank my kids put there, those can be removed easily with a razor
Dimensions: 4 feet long, 12.5 in wide, 22 in tall.
LED lighting bar.

Fluval 204 filter, 150watt heater, Rena Air pump , rocks, ornaments, powerhead, undergravel filter + other accessories.

Stand could use a refinish or painting, base molding needs to be remounted. The glass panel hood needs new hinges.

There is one pseudotropheus acei Yellow Tail, Mbuna, Malawi in tank, about 1.5in long. Can go with setup or I will find a new home for.