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Found another baby

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Back a couple weeks ago I caught the glimps of a teeny tiny baby fish going under a rock in our 55g. tank. I hadn't noticed any fish holding so didn't know who the mother was. Under closer inspection I found what I thought was 3 all together. They sure were fast lol.

I was going to just let them take their chances in the main tank but after a few days and a auratus acting like it knew where they were and watching for them, I decided to try to get them out.

I only found 2 and thought I may have counted wrong or the auratus got one. I put the 2 in a little 1.5g. tank until I could get a bigger fry tank. The other day I got a 10g. tank set up from Wal Mart and decided to put a couple fish in it to help it cycle along with some filter media and ornaments from the main tank (couldn't find any biospira :x ). While I was trying to catch a couple smaller fish from the main tank I found that 3rd baby :dancing: . It was clear at the opposite end of the tank from where they started out at.

The last one I found was a tiny bit smaller than the other 2 and didn't have as much color but I'm sure it's from the same batch. It's made me believe that putting them in a tank to theirselves with more water changes and being able to be out in the light does help them grow and color up quicker. I've concluded that they are maingano. As soon as I put it in the little 1.5g. with the other 2, it stated lip locking with one of the others. It's so funny to see such tiny fish fighting so early in life. :fish:

I have 2 mainganos and an albino auratus holding again. I think I see another 10g. tank in the near future. (or maybe a 20g. with a divider :D )
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g-day dewdrop,
hey great news on finding those little suckers. it's all happening in your tank isn't it, with more fry on the way, congats :thumb:
tanks tanks and more tanks, you'll seriously have to consider moving house soon :lol:

all the best
chromedome :thumb:
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