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This is the first time i've raised this species - so I have a couple of quick questions....

All 13 are in a 90 gallon with 2 compressiseps and 1 syno eupterus. Do you think I can keep them in there for another 6 months or so until I upgrade to a larger tank? Largest one is quickly approaching 4"...

I was thinking maybe getting a 180 gallon or so, and putting some phenochichlis (forgive the spelling), a strawberry peacock or two, and perhaps some champsochromis. I was also consider throwing in some labidochromis perlmutt and/or yellow labs - even though the small ones might become a snack down the road... I will probably keep around 8 of the fossies (does 3M 5F or 2M 6F sound ok?)

One of the fosso's is starting to color up already I think - blue sheen around the caudal fin, subtle bronze scaling on body/ face - what size do they start to breed at? I could have sworn I saw him displaying the other morning, but I could be imagining things.
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