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First things first, thanks to all on this forum! I've had fish pretty much my whole life, but never Peacock, hap, Mbuna type. Oscars were as close as I came. Always had old school equipment until I visited here. I have learned so much and owe many thanks to Cichlid-forum and members. I finally got my new camera and starting to play around with it. I'm a noob at that also. Lol! Anyhow, I thought I would share how my 1st all male tank is going. It's been up for a few months now with all the ups and downs. I started with all juveniles and worked my way through many females. I now have a very high percentage of males in all sizes. I've compiled a list of most of the fish in the tank and put various pics and a couple videos on my server for all to see. Now, don't beat me up on my wording of "pure". It simply means it was sold to me that way. I know certain fish aren't pure and are hybrids. I also know all of the scientific names, but that involves more typing. Furthermore, I'm not breeding any of these. The sizes are rough guess. I know it's overcrowded, but many are smaller yet and I have a plan. I should have numbered the pics, but it's easier to just batch file them in. I foresee more problems in the future of course, but, that's why I'm working on another 125 for those. As of now, no ready females have showed up and all Is calm. I also have a 55 and two 30's. Please enjoy and feel free to comment.

Red Empress 3 3/4"- split gene, colors up nice already from time to time
Copadichromis Chrysonotus White Blaze 3 3/4" - pure, late bloomer, very nice, darker coloration, going to be a beauty, went unnoticed in my assumed female tank for a long time until I tossed a receptive female in, turned really dark blue with half a white blaze starting at mouth while trying to get lucky
Mylochromis plagiotaenia 3"- rarer fish, not sure how pure, male & female, female now in my female collection
Turkis 3 3/4"- really nice with the correct hints of orange starting to peek through according to the German strain which was sold to me as
Mloto 5" - pure, another really nice specimen, colored all the time
Yellow Fin Borleyi 5"- pure, colors all the time, used to get picked on hard by the tank boss until they had a meeting in the center of the tank like two male bighorn sheep. Both came from opposite ends of the tank twice. I wish I had that on video, it was exciting
Blue Regal 4" - highly doubt pure, came from assorted, good looker though, he is tank boss, but no longer picks on the YF borleyi. Lol!
Golden Peacock x 2 - One is 3", the other 2", I'm not sure how they get these? Mbuna cross like dragon blood/red zebra? Help please.
Sunshine Peacock 2"- maybe hormoned when small, very small yet
Baenchi Peacock 4"- pure, this guy is lime green instead of yellow, real beauty
Yellow Tail Acei 2 3/4"- pure, just a little sneaky jerk, nice color though
Super VC-10 - pure, possibly smallest guy in the tank, not for long though, has nice thick lips for being super small
OB Peacock x 2 - the bigger one is definitely male, not sure on the smaller one, bigger one starting to turn some blue on and off at close to 3"
Yellow Lab x 2 - one 6"+ and one 3 1/2", neither are pure, but so far ok in the tank
White Lab 1 3/4" - pure, no longer in the tank, female
Steveni Kande Island 3"- pure, very nice young specimen, some blue and yellow starting
Albino Eureka Red 1 3/4" - pure, still really small
Red Fin Borleyi 3" - not sure if pure, (can't remember) got picked on hard, had to pull him, beat up bad enough I put him in with my females until the fins healed back up and returned, he's been fine for a week now with very little aggression towards him. Very light color, very seldom
Red Shoulder Peacock 3" - not sure if pure, but it's starting to show nice color
Mdoka White Lips 4"- pure, super nice fish! got picked on at first, but is starting to show his $&*#= some now
Venustus 3" - pure, takes **** from very few. thinking female, but the yellow blaze is starting to spread and it will lose all giraffe spots with a faint blue body when acting tuff in the plants, no blue on lower jaw or lips? Maybe changing my mind, Please help, but I know some are late bloomers
Red Jacobfreibergi 2"- pure, slow grower, but feisty little guy
Taiwan Reef 6"+ - pure, but I'm pretty sure it's an older fish. Colors fully when lights are off or female in tank
Ice Berg Fryeri Ahli 3 3/4"- pure, another super nice fish, still a little shy
I also have a few mutts in there also. Took a gamble on them to come out with nice color. If not, it's off to he female farm.
Oh, and I guess it's about time to put my tank info in my signature.
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