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Hey all,

I'm in the market to replace my Emperor 400 filter on my 65 tall tank, I was reading around a bit and I don't see an issue with the filter being 'overqualified' for the tank in terms of GPH/LPH since I should be looking for a minimum of 330 GPH if I'm correct. I'm more concerned with the dimensions of the tank. However if i'm wrong in terms of the flow rate, definitely let me know.

Currently the cabinet under my tank has more than enough width/depth, I'm concerned with height on the filter including the connections/hoses. I have 18 inches height on the compartment (no center brace in front), would the FX4 fit?

Aside from that question, if I can find a good deal on the FX4, would that be the preferred filter?

Thanks in advance, everyone.
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