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I'm setting up a mbuna tank (my first cichlid tank) and was wondering what the best way to arrange the input/returns of my two external filters (a Fluval 407 and a Fluval 306). The tank is a Fluval Roma 240L so I am stuck with one of them coming through the tank base drilled connection in output is just behind the input on the right-hand side. There are directional heads on the return at least.

- which filter should I hook up to the drilled connections?
- how should I point the heads of the drilled output? (I don't have the tank yet or I'd upload pictures - there's lots available online)
- how should I set up the flow of the second filter?
- do I need a powerhead? If so, where?

P.S. If it makes any difference, I will have a fairly fine sand substrate and lots of rock piled in the back 1/2 - 2/3 of the aquarium

Thanks for all of your help,
A newbie!
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