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Fixing my stocking tomorrow

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I have a 55 gallon with kinda a hodge podge of fish, i went a little crazy when i started, but i have now seen the error of my ways and im fixing it this weekend. I have 3 yellow labs, 4 acei, 4 red zebras (1m3f), 1 red top gallireya, 1 mel. Interrupts, 1 mel. Mangaino, 1 cobalt zebra, 1 fulliburn (sp), 1 taiwan reef hap, & 1 syno. Im going to remove everything but the syno, hap, yellow labs, acei, and red top tonight and sell them back to my lfs and im getting 3 female red tops and another lab tomorrow.

So my stocking will be:
4- Met. red top Gallireya
4- Labidochromis caeruleus
4- Ps. acei
1- Tiawan reef hap
1- Synodontis angelicus/eupterus hybrid

The red tops will be 1m3f and the others will be eventually but they are still to small to sex, does this sound like a good long term stocking plan?? I hope alot better than my last venture :)
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I'd leave out the hap and add one female to each mbuna group. The acei are on the big side for a 55G but it has worked for others.
Ok so i got 4 more red top gallireya and 2 yellow labs, i decided not to get another acei due to the fact that i am kinda pushing it with the 4 that i have.

My final stocking is:
5- met. Red top gallireya
5- yellow labs
4- yellow tail acei
1- syno cat
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