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Fish wish list

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the fish i have now are:

3 mainganos

2 yellow labs

2 Hongis

2 Ob zebras

in the not to distant future i will be getting a 100 gallion or 380 litre tank these are the fish i wish to add to my current collection in my new tank what do you think?

2 mainganos ( female to reduce current agression with mainganos)

6 yellow labs (mixture of male and female)

6 Pseudotropheus demasoni ( mixture )

6 Iodotropheus sprengerae ( rusty chiclid )

so what do you think?
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You will need to add atleast double the amount of Demasoni then you are currently planning
Demasoni kill each other that's why. Even with 12 your still not safe but your chances of success are greatly improved. 15 or 20 is even safer.
With 6 you will wake up 1 morning and fing 5 did fish and the 1 that killed them swimming around either happy or dying of the wounds it sustained in battle. Thats just the way they are :?
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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