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Fish wish list

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the fish i have now are:

3 mainganos

2 yellow labs

2 Hongis

2 Ob zebras

in the not to distant future i will be getting a 100 gallion or 380 litre tank these are the fish i wish to add to my current collection in my new tank what do you think?

2 mainganos ( female to reduce current agression with mainganos)

6 yellow labs (mixture of male and female)

6 Pseudotropheus demasoni ( mixture )

6 Iodotropheus sprengerae ( rusty chiclid )

so what do you think?
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Gibbs said:
You will need to add atleast double the amount of Demasoni then you are currently planning
I agree. You also don't want to keep those hongis and ob zebras in pairs, either. :thumb:
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