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Fish wish list

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the fish i have now are:

3 mainganos

2 yellow labs

2 Hongis

2 Ob zebras

in the not to distant future i will be getting a 100 gallion or 380 litre tank these are the fish i wish to add to my current collection in my new tank what do you think?

2 mainganos ( female to reduce current agression with mainganos)

6 yellow labs (mixture of male and female)

6 Pseudotropheus demasoni ( mixture )

6 Iodotropheus sprengerae ( rusty chiclid )

so what do you think?
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When they are kept in a large group, the ones that are chasing lose track of which fish they were after, and start chasing someone else. In this way the aggression is spread and no one fish takes too many injuries or gets too exhausted from fleeing. This is true for all mbuna, just more so for Demasoni.

In spite of the 100 gallons, your tank has a smaller footprint than a 75G tank and a little larger than a 55G tank. I'd probably do 4 species, take a look at the cookie cutters for 75G to see why I say that.

So you already have 4 species...maybe just add individuals to your existing groups. If you really want to add fish, Acei might not be too bad since they will use more of the height of your tank than other mbuna.
If you want more fish, longer is better. :thumb:
Acei is the closest thing for Malawi.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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