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What I have a Mbuna that
I noticed here not to far back they was doing this shake thing,
it's not all the time or constent, but it does it ever several minutes or less,
it fins are never out either, always in a clamped type state.
it eats fine and all that
How do I treat for this shimmy?
I've heard with livebearers you can treat this with salt,
does this work the same with cichlids or Do I need to do something else?

Thanks for the help once again,
Mr A

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If the fins weren't clamped, I would say it was normal shows of dominancy, but if the fins are clamped, you're dealing with stressed fish.

Any signs of symptoms of illness?

Are they all eating okay?

Any losses in the tank recently?

Any white stringy feces?


How long has the tank been set up?

What are the water parameters on the tank?

What is your normal tank maintenance routine?

What size is the tank? What are the inhabitants?

Any outward signs of parasites?

We need alot more information in order to help...
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