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Over the weekend I made a long treck to pickup 9 mature cichlids. The shop owner was very helpful and told me each's name, even gave me a list of everything he sold me. Trick is that I can't remember which was which nor can I marry them up looking through the profiles on this site or in a picture book I've got. Looking for some help.

Here's what he wrote down that I haven't been able to associate with the fish in the pictures below:
- Ndewi
- OB HB Yellow Pecock Halo (sp??)
- OB Reg Germpa (sp??)
- Red Peacock
- Red Empress
- Rostratus

Here are the unidentified ones:

This male's fins are a solid pink/reddish color.

The gills and face are a slight irridecent blue... like an Electric Blue's color.

Very blue face and body is orange with dark vertical bands.


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3 is a protomelas steveni taiwan reef. 4 is an OB peacock hybrid. 5 is a German Red peacock. 6 is another OB peacock hybrid. 1 looks like some sort of Victorian cichlid but not sure I'm not a vic person. and I have no idea on the fish in picture 2.

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Are you sure that the guy even knew in the first place?

1. seems like a Victorian Hap

2. That is the Fossochromis rostratus

3. Protomelas sp. Taiwan Reef

4. OB "Peacock" Hybrid... there is no valid name, thou sellers can make up trade names

5. "Red Peacock" of some sort.

6. OB "Peacock" hybrid again

now your list...

- Ndewi ... there a real fish called Protomelas taenoliatus "Ndwie" sometimes called "Fire Blue", but none of these fish are that

- OB HB Yellow Pecock Halo (sp??)...nonsense even if spelled right

- OB Reg Germpa (sp??) ... nonsense

- Red Peacock #5

- Red Empress... none in these pics

- Rostratus ... fish #2
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