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seems as if my fish are being extra picky these days...

My Jack Dempsey will only eat "massivore" pellets, I've been giving the tank Hikari brand pellets, sinking and floating. Due to him being pretty skittish I figured sinking pellets would work but he's turned his back on most of the food he used to eat.

My False red terror is only eating some of the pellets, he spits the rest out. but overall I think he's eating enough.

My Texas Cichlid is almost round because he's eating everything. I'm thinking of getting rid of him.

My green terror has white pooh and his stomach is starting to sink in. Has been a couple weeks since he's ate. I treated the entire tank with prazi pro and all are doing fine except for him.

water conditions are fine in regards to PH, Nitrates, Ammonia,
Tank is 135gal, aggression is minimal, no body damage on any of the fish.
last water change was last week after second dose of prazipro

I'd like to think my fish are doing ok.. I'm not really a bonehead when it comes to keeping fish but seems my tank is just a lil off lately.. I'm really concerned that my GT is gonna croak on me soon. I plan on going on vacation in the next couple weeks. If he's not dead by then I may take him to my fish store and have them observe and or treat him separatly. better than leaving a potential ammonia bomb in my tank.

words of wisdom?
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