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Fish ID Please

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I bought two fish yesterday at petsmart in the Assorted Cichlid Tank, heres what i got

I think it is a electric yellow? But it is dark like a red zebra

And this guy, i bought him from the same tank (one on the left) (one in the middle)
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Fogelhund said:
The first fish looks like a Lab x Red Zebra cross that are fairly common these days. In the same picture is a Ram. The Ram likely, isn't going to survive in this tank once the mbuna are mature.

I'm not sure what the second fish is, though it doesn't look like an african to me.
Yeah, it was only in there because my mom was doing a cleanout of her tank (which lasted all around a couple of hours) I think you are right on the first one, i thought the same thing when i saw it, also the second one was in an "assorted african tank" at petsmart, however i have no idea if it is. Whenever i see it it is with the lab and at night it hides in the holes of my decoration, very mbuna like but that might be just normal fish behavior

EDIT: could it be this
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