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Fish for a 75-gal

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Currently the fish that will be going in this 75-gal are in 2 separate 55-s. I have a 14" marble goby in one 55-gal, and 9 (3-6") blue acaras along with a 7" oscar in the other. They'll be moving into this 75 within the next few months. My question is what fish everyone thinks I should add, if any. Here are a few of my number one choices, but you're welcome to make suggestions as well.
1. Single or pair Amphilophus lyonsi
2. Small group (4-6) Cryptoheros sajica
3. Fahaka puffer (too mean?)

Any of these fish would be started out just large enough to not be eaten by the marble goby. The 75-gal is currently a lake tanganyika tank, so I'll be redecorating with a fine, inert sand bed, anubias and floating plants, and driftwood for visual barriers and hiding places for the 5 smallest acaras. Hopefully within a few months, they will be too large to be eaten by the marble goby. If not, I won't add them just yet. I don't know if anyone really knows much about marble gobies, but my individual in particular seems to be quite active and has a heck of an appetite. The tank is filtered via an Eheim ProII 2028, and 2 sets of bio-wheels from the mag. 350 pro system, moving at about 550 gph (w/o the cans). Also, there are 2 air-driven hydro-sponge IV's ( could add powerheads if necessary). Bio-load shouldn't be much of an issue, as I'll be doing 30-50% changes weekly Thanks for your input.
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Yeah, I agree with you on that. The thing is that its more than likely that the goby will soon move to my buddy's 210 and the oscar will move to a separate 65. Not 100% sure though, so your advice will be taken into account. Gotta have me some sajicas somehow though! I'm gonna get 'em even if they have to go in a different tank :lol: !

Thanks for your opinion!
Haha... that is in reference to when I was living with my parents, I got rid of my bed so I could have 2 75-gal's in my room
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