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First spawn!

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Well I have had my fish for about a month and half now in my 60g which I will soon be upgrading to a 135 plus, I have 6 flavus boss for now, 6 cheweries, 6 polits and 10 demasonis. I had them shipped from TX to LA. All the Demasonis where under an inch at that time, but on X-mas I noticed the the alpha male Demasoni was trying to spawn! The female had her little tube down so I was shocked! She is now holding but I was amazed on how they spawned being barely over an inch!.lol It was interesting which I am not proud of that they spawned with ph at 7.8 and I was just about to do my water change which I let go for 2 weeks. Blah
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Being dwarf mbuna, demasoni will spawn at a smaller size than others... I'm not sure what you're not proud of, though. A pH of 7.8 isn't bad, especially if these fish were tank-raised and acclimated appropriately. If they're spawning, that's generally a size that they're at least comfortable and healthy, if not "happy."

We all miss water changes, sometimes. ;)

Thanks, I will try to take pics soon.
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