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First maintenance on Marineland C360

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Well, I've worked with pretty much every filter out there, except this one! Most of the time I install shut off valves for the tubing, but on this install, I forgot to buy them... So, the C360 has it's valve block... After I shut off power, would it be safe to remove the valve block and then carry the canister away for cleaning? I'd think the siphon would still be active? I've heard this filter is very nice as far as cleaning goes.

Also, I've checked out the excellent video on this filter here --> ... ilters.php but it didn't exactly answer my question.

How do all of you C360 owners do it?

Thanks! :thumb:
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edouthirt said:
Also... I just watched the Cichlid Forum Television on the c-360 again and noticed that Joea doesn't even lift the valve block off of the motor head before opening the canister... is this a better way to do the regular maintenance?
I was just demonstrating how easy removing the top is. It's always best to remove the valve block before cleaning the filter.

The valve-block should remain closed while it's unlocked. If you turn the valve key while it's not attached to the machine head, water will come out. Always be sure the valve block is pushed all the way down and secure in the machine head before you lock it.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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