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Hi all new to the forum, we've purchased a used fish tank, the seller guessed that its a 200 litre tank he has had it for 2 years

The fish are African chiclids?, approx 30 to 35 in the tank

I only collected the tank last night but the guy who we purchased from said there is no water heater and no water treatment to treat the tap water!

He advised he has always used untreated tap water mixed with hot and cold and never used a heater either!

I've topped up the tank last night with untreated tap water, I've not filled the tank back up the water is just below half but need to clean the tank out today as the water looks dirty

I'm a complete novice and would appreciate any advice. I am based in the UK West Midlands Coventry


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Welcome to Cichlid-forum!

The chlorine or chloramines used by municipal water authorities in your tap water is toxic to the fish. Are they still alive?

If yes perhaps you have a private well and no chlorine/chloramines?

If you use municipal water get a dechlorinator and treat the tank as soon as possible and whenever you add/change water.
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