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Firemouth Compatibility

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New to the hobby. I have got 12 tiger barbs currently in my 215L (AquaOne Ar980) tank. I am hoping to get some firemouth cichlids (either a pair, or with another similar size cichlid), red-tailed black shark, and at some point in the future, South American Puffer.

Would that work? How would things pan out if the FM does decide to breed? Enclosed a picture of my current setup.

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The picture dosen't work :roll:
I would recommend keeping one firemouth or a breeding pair, they are one of the more mild mannered cichlids but they can be very agressive with other firemouths, if you get them when they are small you will probably not have any issues until they hit around 3 inches or so then if you have two males they will constantly fight.
YOu can do a pair of FM's in that size tank. Search the forumns on the ways to get a breeding pair.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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