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Firemouth and sinking shrimp pellets???

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Ok, trying to mix Firemouths and Green Cory cats didn't work out so well :( poor cory cats..

But on a side not, I noticed my Firemouth appears to have gone thru a little growth spurt the past few weeks..... a least she looks plumper!

I m wondering, I was feeding the cory cats sinking shrimp pellets... sometimes in the morning, and sometimes at night (when the lunar light was on)..

But I noticed that my 2.25" Firemouth was hunting around the gravel a bit more lately..
I haven't actually seen her do it, but my suspicions is that she has been eating the sinking shrimp pellets too 8)

So here is my question, should I keep adding the sinking shrimp pellets to the tank?

Currently I feed flake from 3 times a day (Eheim automatic feeder), but the school of black skirt tetra's really tear it up, sometimes not leaving a whole lot for my slower moving Firemouth..

Sometimes I do feed NLS too, and plan to start adding that each morning to the tank.

Still, should i keep adding the shrimp pellets??

But then again, i haven't really seen the firemouth eat them, but then again, she is pretty shy, that could be the reason.
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If you knew the FM was eating them I would say keep it up. My Sal and RD love sinking shrimp pellets. :popcorn: However I know they are eating them because most of them don't even make it to the bottom of my tank. If it is taking your FM a very long time to eat them, leaving some uneaten, or you think it might not be eating them, then I would say don't use the sinking shrimp pellets (does that make sense?). The reason I say this is because uneaten food is bad for your water.
My firemouths love shrimp...Sinking Shrimp, floating shrimp, live shrimp, shrimp gumbo.....Well not the gumbo!

To avoid the uneaten food issue u can break the pellets to make them wholey consumable or u can use dried krill wich floats. The FM will learn to come out and eat them.

Also drop the sinking pellets in the same spot so u know where to vacuum!
Thanks for the information guys!!!

I watched my Firemouth closely last night when only the lunar light was on...
Dropped the sinking shrimp pellet in the tank, and bang, saw her swim over :fish:
and eat it right up from the gravel :popcorn:
Actually, more like she chewed on it for some time.
Anyways, now I know the reason for her recent growth spurt and unfortunatly the
poor cory cats have been going hungry cuz someone was eating their pellets!!! :(

I will continue to feed her the shrimp pellets... As it works out better because the Black Skirt tetras don't appear to be so apt at eating the shrimp pellets. The tend to grab it, but then drop it, and can't pick it from the gravel..

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