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Well I ditched my peacock/hap set-up after my Rostratus went crazy and started to kill anything and everything. After his removal the whole hierarchy was a mess and everyone went crazy. So I sold them all and used my cash to buy some discus.

From what everyone said, buy as many as you can and select what you want in the end. So I did just that and bought a **** load. :lol:

Here is what I have and what I bought etc.
Tank: 180 gallon (5 feet long 2 feet wide 2.5 feet tall)

Filters: 2- C360 Marineland Canisters
1-powerhead with filter attached, surface agitation only, its set at the lowest output.

Deco: Play Sand substrate (don't like barebottom tanks)
Limited Driftwood and rocks very little, lots of open space.

Non-Discus Stock: (4-5) inch Snowball Pleco (giant white spot)
3 inch Mango Pleco
6 Neons
7 tiny clown loaches (if they become a problem, they are out)

Discus: I hand-picked most of my stock from Bill Deam, except my Pigeons. All are 1-2 inches. They are still a bit shy added them to the tank Wed. Actually seem to be nibbling on NLS and beefheart mostly, also use brine, flake, and some bloodworm. Hoping to transition them to NLS to avoid frozen all together. I will post pics soon, want to let them feel comfy first.

4 Blue Diamond
4 "High Red"- Red Turq.
3 Leopard Snakeskin
2 Blue Turq.
3 Pigeon Blood (Malboro X Checkerboard Cross)
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