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View attachment 9 View attachment 9 I finally finished setting up my 210 gallon. I have been preparing for it while waiting for our contractor to finish off the room in the basement. While waiting, I set up an old 65 gallon, then a 20 and two ten gallon. I started getting juvies so they could grow out a bit. Of course I lost some and lost track of what remained. I made up a list of what I bought and hope you can help me match up photos with the list below. I will likely split this post into two posts because of the number of photos. Thanks for your help.

Africans I think I have identified correctly, if a photo shows a female, please make note of that and the species:

Otopharynx tetrastigma
Electric yellow lab
White lab (Juvie)
Hap moori - dolphin
Albino red top zebra

Lake Malawi cichlids I bought but don't know if they are still around? Please identify with photo number if you know

Strawberry peacock
Taiwan reef
Jalo reef
Blue electric ahli
Red empress
Red shoulder
Yellow peacock
Red top hongi
OB peacock
Star sapphire peacock

Newer purchases, likely to be juvies:
White knight ahli
OB tetrastigma
Red flash peacock
Eureka red jake
OB strawberry
Yellow head peacock
Mdoka flame tail
Maleri island peacock (yellow)
Red sun peacock
Reuben peacock
Ngara flame tail peacock
Red empress
Red shoulder
Yellow peacock
Sunshine peacock
VC -10 peacock

Some of these may be the same fish but different names, I know, but were purchased from different vendors.


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