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Hello guys want to share with all of you my new fish, the ones I use to have they where all hybrids and change them and then I bought more from another breeder. Let me show you some pics.
Plus I bought
  • Ancistrus albino
  • 1 Plecostom don’t know the name
  • 6 Melanochromis Maingano

Water Fin Underwater Organism Fish

Purple Organism Underwater Fish supply Aquatic plant

Water Organism Underwater Fish Fin

Water Organism Underwater Fluid Aquatic plant

Water Underwater Natural environment Organism Fin

Underwater Organism Water Marine biology Coral

Water Underwater Marine invertebrates Marine biology Coral

Water Vertebrate Organism Underwater Fin

Purple Blue Natural environment Organism Underwater

Plant Purple Organism Underwater Aquatic plant

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The correct name for the species is Cynotilapia zebroides and the collection point is Jalo Reef. Are you asking for confirmation that these fish are Cynotilapia zebroides Jalo Reef? Afra is now a different fish.
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