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The pics are fairly low quality (taken with cell phone) but I'm finally ready to let some people take a look.

I purchased the stand, tank, & hood used. I resealed the tank. I added new hardware, sanded, and stained the stand and hood.
I am currently running 2 Emporer 400's & 2 Powerheads with sponge filters. I plan to add a sump very soon. The tank is already drilled, I just have to get the PVC all lined up. I'm okay on filtration right now, as I've got a fairly low bio-load.
Everything was successfully moved from my 72 gallon bow-front to the new tank. It was "interesting" to move one tank into the exact area previously occupied by another.
What it was...

What it is...

72 w/ stuff going on Craigslist.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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