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Either #1 or #2 look worth a try to me I'd do the extra species - just know in time you may be unhappy with how the C. Moorii will look in a 4ft tank in a couple of years - they may end up looking kinda cramped - but by that time you will need a 6ft tank anyway :D .

Honestly, its not like you are buying a house or something - if you are unhappy in eight months to a year trade the(some) stock and try something else (or scale back). You have done your research, are aware of potential issues and are prepared with a hospital tank.

I've kept a Ps Acei trio for a couple of years in a 4ft 90gallon tank, I thought they were just fine - just got bored and had to try something new. Larger haps on the otherhand...

Personally, I would get 8 Juvies of each species you plan to keep (and a just sex-able peacock) and stock them all at once. Any real trouble maker males will be gladly accepted by most LFS for trade as the males show good color and move quickly and whittle it down to the 'proper' peaceful ratios as they grow out together.

As for the Kenyii - I wish you luck sir.
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