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Fin Rot...

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I posted a couple of weeks back asking about some spots of missing scales on one of my fish:

Well, I monitored water quality and have been sticking to a tight water change schedule and everything is more or less perfect. Yet this one fish has just gotten worse. It has now developed white cottony things on those spots as well as above one eye. Its really odd b/c its only one side of his body. Also its anal fins seem to have a chunk tanke out of them, and his tail also has a good size chunk missing.

I have treated twice with Jugle Fungus Clear, and the fish is still gasping and hanging out at the water's surface. Can anyone help me please? All other fish are perfectly healthy in the tank, but this one needs help!
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The other fish steer clear of him, as he was the dominant one in the tank. The original wounds weren't even inflicted by them. I was worried he was getting picked on but have watched the tank for hours and no one touches him. The problem with setting up a hospital tank is that I'm using my extra 10 gallon tanks as quarintine tanks at the moment, one of which is being treated for ich. I'll see what I can do. Where can I get those two meds you are talking about?
The ick is on its way out thanks to salt, wc's, and high temp. As of this evening no fish have any spots, so I'm going to keep it going for a few more days and hopefully that will be it...but now I feel lik I have to keep these fish quarintined for another month, and they'd already been in there for 2.

I saw maracyn and maracyn 2 at petco today, its a mardel product right? Anyway, I didn't purchase them b/c I wasn't sure it was exactly what I needed (and it would be been $20 total, which I wasn't prepared to pay, since the fish is showing a few signs of improvements, i.e. the chunk out of his tail is healing). I'm probably going to remove one of the filters from the tanks he's in, and put it on 1 10 gallon I have left even though I don't know where I'm going to put the tank. Hopefully then I can dose him with something and he'll pull through. I do have to say, that I only paid $3.50 for the fish so I am inclined to not purchase $20 worht of medicine. But my desire for him to not suffer is great enough that I can't not do all within my power to help.

Also, shouldn't I dose the tank he's in with meds too since they have all been exposed to the same stuff?
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