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Fin Rot on my Albino Oscar?

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I just started my aquarium about a month and a half ago. I had slight battle with ich, but was able to over come it with research, raising the temps, salt, 1/4 tank water changes and CopperSafe. None of the fish have any visiable ich for a couple weeks now (still keeping the temps up and regular water changes for atleast 30 days).

Within the last week, I have noticed that tips of my albino oscar's tail and dorsal fins are starting to get a slight black color. Is this normal or could it possibly be another type of disease? I only see this in my albino oscar. All of the fishes in the tank are active, eating, and no other signs of disease. I read a little of fin rot, but from what I can tell, the fins turn white, not black.
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Its common for young luetino(sp) Oscars to get black fins. See the second page of Oacarlovers "Zebra Oscar" thread for a pic of my Lemon. If it looks like that you're probably ok.

What size tank and how many fishes?
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