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Discussion Starter · #1 · I'm moving into my house here on 7/1 and I'm in the market to pick up a 300 gallon forever home for my stock. What type(s) of filtration do you all recommend for that large of a tank and my stock list which consists of..

**Keep in mind, these are not all in the same tank right now. Some are growing out, some are in the 75 short term. The 75 is grossly overstocked at the moment.**

1x Festae
1x Pictus Cat
1x JD
1x Buttokoferi
2x Convict
3x Oscar
1x Rotkeil Severum
1x Regani Pike
1x Red Texas
1x Backyard #%$& hybrid of who knows what.

I'm debating on doing a sump system as well as canister(s) and 2 AC110's with a powerhead on each side of the tank. As far as canisters are concerned, what's everyone's take/opinions on Fluval and Eheim. I'm familiar with both, and have used Fluval products in the past, and currently but never a canister. Do both brands use the internal heating element like some of the high end Eheim products use? Experiences? Issues?

Thanks in advance.

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On a tank that size, with a high bioload, I'd primarily focus on a sump system. A bonus is that all the equipment can be hidden and not be seen in main tank.

I've used both Fluval and Eheim canisters, and have settled on Eheim Pro 2 when I use canisters. Both brands have their flaws, I just prefer Eheim. I've used the integrated heaters in at least one of the filters and it is fine, but if I were to buy new, I'd prefer my heater and filter to be separate. That provides the most ability to customize the system.

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Been looking at the same size tank myself. For me the only way to go with that bio-load would be wet\dry and it needs to be pretty large. I like to oversize and I was looking at building my own. The plan was to use a 75 gallon as sump with two return pumps you want some were around 3000 gallon and hour thru your sump. I thought it wouldn't hurt to have 2nd system for over kill. A large canister would help with keep the water sparkling.

If you go with canister filters your going to need quite few with load your planning.
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