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Filtration - Just upgraded to a 90 gallon

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Hi Everyone:

I just upgraded to a 90 gallon tank 48 X 18 X 24 - from a 46 bow front.

My current filtration is a Rena XP3 and an AquaClear 70.

Will this be sufficient enough for the 90 gallon?

My goal is to add another canister down the line, however would like to get everything transferred and established before making another purchase, or adding more fish of the existing species I currently have.

My fish list is in my sig.

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If you are keeping the same fish and transfering over, you will be fine if they were handling the bio-load now. I would personally add another canister or possibly another larger HOB like a AC 110 or Emperor 400 to the mix. This is really a matter of which you prefer in either HOB or Canister. You could even get rid of the HOB and get a wet/dry to handle the tank.

Probably didn't make that a whole lot better did I lol, but your answer is it should be fine as long as you don't add anything. Then you will need to upgrade.

P.S. Get another 10 or so Demasoni for that tank :)
Thanks Paulbearer.

I'll add another XP3 after I get everything setup.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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