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Welcome to CF and hi from one Jafa to another. :D

First thing I'd need to know is what size of tank we are looking at. Difficult to say anything without having that info.

On general terms, Eheim classic series filters are the gold standard of canister filters. I've run them on tanks since the 1970s, some filters for over 15 years without a hitch, and I have always lost them because I moved or some other circumstance. I never had one fail on me. With that experience, I have never seen the need to run a second filter for backup. I wouldn't buy a 2215, because more filter volume is always better and there is the 2217. The 2217 I would recommend for tanks up to 75G, about 300 liter. Above that you need more filter volume. The only downside is, I hate to think how much they cost in NZ. I have never checked, because I run a larger tank with a sump system.

My general thoughts on these filters and some tips are on my website: ... iltration/

The other filters I don't know. At any rate, I would compare prices. HFF is of course the largest aquarium store in Auckland and presumably the whole of NZ, which makes them hard to ignore. Unfortunately they are crooks. They take photos of fish from the web, including my website, and use them to sell their fish. In my case those have always been photos of fish I kept in the US, that are simply not available in NZ in that quality. Pretending those are the fish they have for sale is fraud, plain and simple. I had words with them but they continue doing it. I definitely don't support them. Not the biggest, but the best fish store in Auckland is Ronnie Ng's store Pupuke Aquarium. I haven't been there in a while, and forgot if he sells just fish or hard goods as well. Another outlet worth supporting - and good prices by NZ standards - is Raymond Klein's AquaRays. With all that said, I have ordered all my stuff from overseas, particularly Aliexpress. It's just cheaper, and I am cheap. :lol:

Lastly, a quick thought on filtration in general. Wherever there is ammonia in water, bacteria will come along and convert it first to nitrite and then nitrate. It's a process you can not avoid or stop. In the case of aquariums you want to encourage it. Theoretically it might be possible to chemically bind the ammonia before the bacteria can get to it, but it's not practicable. That's why chemical filtration is not necessary or useful, unless you want to remove something else from the water like tannins from driftwood or excess medication. In short, your plan to go for bio filtration rather than chemical is a good one, but you never really had a choice. :wink:


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