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filters for 3'x15"x18"

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My freind is looking at changing his 3'x15"x18" fresh water to cichlid next weekend and he has been given a second 1200lhr canister,would hooking them together so the water flows into the first one full of filter wool and then into the second one full of bio-media be a good idea,just thinking the first one would keep the second one full of bio-media cleaner longer and bo a better job, have seen one done this way on one of the sites quit a while back or just run them sperate. thanks.
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I run my Magnums together. I just posted somthing about it also..
8) The full benifits of the closed seperately powered filter systems will be negated by linking them together. If you want to run a modular type setup, use passive canisters w/ a dedicated pump to power the water thru all the cans. "T"
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