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I have a new to me 55gal tank. I moved 6 small convicts, two 4" tiger barbs a small silver dollar and a 4" Cory Cat. Not my choice of fish but they were in the tank. I used Bio Spira and some of the gravel and decorations from the old tank to set up my new tank. The previous owner had a Penguin 350 that I also moved with the Bio Wheels and filter cartridges in tact. I have purchased an XP3 to set up on the tank. I am not sure if I should wait a week or so to be sure the Bacteria is established or just go ahead and set up the XP3 now. My tank has had fish in it for 24 hours and the ammonia and nitrite are 0 the nitrates are about 3 ppm.

Thanks for the help!
It's great having a chance to ask folks with experience what to do. :D
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