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I have a mature female yellow lab, a juvie male yellow lab and an adult male red zebra(?). The female clearly has eggs she's ready to lay and has made her own nest. Both males are mostly ignoring her despite the red zebra usually harassing her. She seems to be trying to get their attention but they both mostly seem intimidated by her somewhat frenetic activity. What can I expect? And how disruptive will a 50% water change be...I planned to do that tomorrow before she made this nest...I admit that the last time she built a nest, I destroyed it. Didn't realize what she was up to and just smoothed out the substrate while vacuuming.

By the way...I inherited this tank w the fish and I'm a newbie. I suspect that all the cichlids are really mutts. There are a plecko and 3 rainbow sharks in here as well. 55 gallon.
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