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My female Oscar named Mama's just killed everything in the tank. She's been real aggressive since the lip 馃攼 and fanning of tails started. The Male is real laid back. Every fish she killed, was supposed to be tank mates for the oscar. Like silver dollar 馃悷. They both tore them up. She started the attack. Please tell wants her problem. Plus they both destroyed the tank. Plants everywhere, rocks moved some stuff up rooted. I really thought she was going to crack the tank. Took everything out. Now she's seem to be chill. She won't bite me,but she will bump me when I clean the and slip my hand with tail. I believe she's about too lay 馃. Any suggestions.


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Yep, that could be pre-spawning behavior by your Oscar. Has this one already spawned for you? I personally can't tell the difference between males - females in this species, until they spawn!
- What size aquarium is your pair of Oscars in?
Sometimes in smaller aquariums this killing everything behavior is worse than it would be otherwise (not enough room for chased fish to swim away) . And as for the destruction thing? Oh yeah!.
That's just what they tend to do. And well, I'm kind of surprised that hasn't happened already. :cautious:
And those Oscars of yours can get up to around 16 inches in heavy-bodied length. Growing big is what Oscar Cichlids seem to do best! So, a SINGLE Oscar needs a 6 foot long tank to be kept properly. I personally wouldn't put a pair of these in anything short of a 72"X24" (bottom size) 180 gallon tank.
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