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female holding

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i have a female yellow lab holding. this is my first breeding experience with moothbrooding cichlids, i want to keep the fry. i just was wonder what i should do because shes in a mbuna community tank its a 55 gal. should i move her or what? thanks in advance cody.
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I would try to move her to a separate tank where she can spit the fry out peacefully. What I have done is wait two weeks before trying to move the female though because of the risk of stressing them and causing them to spit out the fry early. However, if she is being harassed you might want to separate her earlier. If you let her spit in the main tank the chances of having fry survive can be low to moderate depending on what sort of hiding places you are offering.

To move the female out it is best to try to catch her first thing in the morning before you turn on the lights. Even better is leaving some sort of container in the tank long enough for the fish to get used to and then first thing in the morning catching her and slowly putting her in that to reduce stress.
Justa quick question :D
What is the rest of your stock list?
I would leave her in the tank for 21 days as long as she isn't getting harassed. Then i would strip the female and put the babies in a separate tank. Then i would put her right back in the 55 so she doesn't lose her rank in the pecking order.
alright thanks alot for your help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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