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Female Frontosa Holding

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I think I have a 3.5" female frontosa holding. I think she is holding.. she is still picking at stuff though, like left over food.. never had fronts held for me before.. I've had some malawis and some cyps+paracyps holding.. but this does sure look like it's holding.. it's about 1.5 years hold.. is it possible that a female can be holding this early? i'm thinking of putting her into a 20G nursery tank for her to hold and spit, is that a good idea? or should i just leave it in with the group and strip after 23 days or so? suggestion please.. could it be that i'm thinking too much though? it really looks like she's holding but she's only about 3.5 inches and the alpha male is only 4.5 inches.. about 1.5 years old.. help please
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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