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Stick to veggie foods, the spirulina flake is marvelous for the blue colours.

As to the ammount, as much as they can devour in about thirty seconds, twice a day. This means a small, small pinch of whatever the day's food happens to be. They will always look ravenous. That's perfectly normal. Mine have actually gotten ever so slightly plump on this rule, so I'm cutting down just a tad. Even smaller pinches.

For snacks, try a chopped up, defrosted pea or carrot cube (pretty soon they'll happily eat pea off your hands - just make sure they're clean)
Blanched spinach is also good, as is zuccini.

Leave off high protein foods (i.e. bloodworms, other fish, beef heart) - your fishies are mostly vegetarian. Cichlid flakes/ pellets should cover the basics.

See also the article on feeding in the library,
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