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Feeding while i'm away?

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Hi, hope you all can help...
I have a tank with 5 yellow lab juv's and 5 maingano juvs.
I am going away for 2 days, and i have no-one to feed the fish...
Will they be fine, if when i go i obiously feed them and add a few extra wafers, or does anyone else have a better suggestion..
thanks for any help you can give me..

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The fish will be just fine. Remember that females holding eggs will go with out food for up to a month each time. Having a cold blooded metabolism, they have much lower intake needs than say a dog or cat.
Sometime not feeding can add to the aggression. So some times I will keep the light out to keep them calmer when I am gone for a few days.
As said they will no starve... don't try to overfeed beforehand to make up for it

You could add veggies which they may eat over time.

Keeping the light off instead of on all the time is a good idea also
Not only will leaving extra food in the water possibly lead to a nitrate surge and/or parasites but putting more in when you get back could also lead them to bloat. If anything, feed them a little less at first to reintroduce them slowly.
Agree with all of the above.

Anything up to a week is not a problem at all.

And the biggest mistake is to feed them too much when they get back. A couple of SMALL feeds is the way to go on your return.
I went on a trip recently and was gone for 10 days. My fish were all ok and I was "surprised"... :eek: ... that a few had eggs in his their mouth when I returned. None starved to extinction--Ssooo...your fish should--survive well--2-days is a brief time to be gone.
Fish with nothing to eat love to mate. I would not worry about feeding them at all if your only gone for two days. Don't feed them too much before you leave either (could effect the water). When ever I go away I do a larger then normal water change, and turn the lights out, they will be fine.

When you say they are juvs, just how small are they? Very young fish need to be fed more often so you might want to get an automatic feeder.
most of them are around 2"
I wouldn't add veggies and leave it in the tank for 2 days. Food starts to spoil at room temp., which is approx. tank temp., pretty quickly. I think they will be fine at around 2". Like the others said, feed sparingly a couple days before leaving and upon returning. So they get use to it before and don't gorge and get bloat on your return.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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