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Feeding mbuna fry

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I Got a batch of mbuna fry,

and I hear that feeding them newly hatched brine shrimp is the best. I dont have access to this now,
but i do have spirulina flakes. Would that suffice if I grind it up and offer that?
Or do they need something more nutritious? I cant imagine something more nutritious than spirulina, but can anyone offer advice?
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I use Hikari First Bites for feeding my fry, after seeing it recommended on several different threads here. It comes in a tiny bag, but since you only need a tiny amount for each feeding it works! :) I use a straw to scoop up a little bit and then plunge it into the tank and wiggle it around to get the food to go underneath the water surface. Most of my fry stay at the bottom, but there's always a few at the top skimming! ;) My older fish (all still juvies, though some are almost adult size now) get mini cichlid pellets that have been crushed a bit, so that they sink instead of floating and are easier for the fish to eat. I find it amusing that the only reason I have a nice marble mortar & pestle in my kitchen is for grinding up fish food! :lol:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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