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Feeding 4" JD

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I have noticed more and more that my JD doesn't bother with the bloodworms I used to feed him/the tank he looks at them and then kinda decides its not worth his effort, can I feed him maggots? Or is there some thing else that would be better, muscles are just a bit too big for him, small prawns maybe, again might be too big? Should I just cut them up?

He still eats the Tetra pro color wafers fine which is his staple diet along with Tetra pro vegetable wafers.

Suggestions welcome :)
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Mine like to eat shrimp, and salmon filet ( cut into bite sized pieces) from the grocery store.
My kids bring in earth worms, flys, and spiders from outside as well, which they LOVE! We have tried crickets, but they didn't seem to like them so much.

I hope this helps :)
They are different, and bgger...they like prawns too, for the smaller guys, I just cut it up into little pieces. :fish:
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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