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Hi guys ........

Just wanted to let u know about the following .....use it / dont it use ......

I have 25 reddish bembas ......10 Ikolas ......all in one tank .....(1.8 m) .......all adults

1) First 6 months = HBH veggie flakes ......colour was not brilliant and fish was a bit thin no spawns
2) Second 6 months = omega one flake veggie (kelp) ...colour not brilliant , fish was looking more thin (bellies not that fat) spawns
3) Third 6 months = omega one veggie flakes AND omega cichlid pellets ......bodies started looking a little nice and fat ......colour as well ....spawning activity increased .
4) Current = i made the following .....homemade : cooked rice , bran , peas , zuchhini , soya flour , AND BEEF LIVER(cooked) (all in proportion exept the rice is 3 times more) put in mixer ...blend well love it ....colour excellent , spawing rituals increased , body shape excellent.
(got that receipe from a Breeder on lake takanyika)

Just tought i would share it with u guys ....ofcourse i had some bloat cases ......but 14 tablets of metro (400mg) into the tank sorted that out quickly ............

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Thanks for sharing. There is no way in **** I would put any beef products anywhere near my Trophs. Of course I have heard of people doing it successfully, but I would say that would be the exception not the rule.

When you changed foods, did you slowly wean them off the old food and onto the new one? Rapid changes in diet can also bring on cases of the dreaded bloat.

My thoughts on Tropheus are that they love repetition and routine. Find one that you are happy with and stick to it...

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Yep me I would stop and sick with step 3. :wink:
Step 4 might increase breeding but so many problems you might generate with it.

Sooner or later bloat causing pathogens will become immune to Metro if used often enough
(Pretty sure).

The other worry is fat build up around vital organs (Where is that animal fat in the food going? Even liver has some animal fat in it, better would be fish livers?)

My understanding is, in Mbuna on very meaty diets, tend to suffer from gonad degridation eventually making the males sterile.

Maybe in Tropheus too?
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