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Favorite Small Mbuna

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What is your favorite dwarf mbuna, with minimal attitude?
Iodotropheus sprengerae (Rusty)520.83%
Labidochromis caeruleus (Nkhata Bay)520.83%
Pseudotropheus polit625.00%
Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos (Maingano)833.33%
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I'm setting up a 90 gallon and want a prolific tank that's friendly as well.

I've already decided on a group of 4 aulon. jake eurekas, 5 psuedo. saulosi, 5 cyno. afra (cobue), and 5 psuedo. acei. My ratios are set up with one male. I will have white sand with smooth black rocks and some vals and j. fern.

I want to add one or two more species to the mix that won't stress my peacocks out toooo much. I know the polit can be aggressive but have been hearing kind words lately :)

Just want to get an idea of what other's like, in color, behavior, ect.
I'd say you are already stocked with 4 species in a 90G.
I would swap the Afra for the maingano. Cobue females are pretty drab just like peacocks and you may end up with a few to many dull fish in the one tank. Besides that they may not get along with the saulosi.
I would add the maingano and call it stocked, considering that both the Acei and Jakes will grow beyond 5" as will the Maingano eventually
i have a 65g with 4 speices and 20 in total.
i agree with dj and gibbs, if anything add a few more of each. ( with good filtration :wink: )

regards chromedome :thumb:
DJRansome said:
I'd say you are already stocked with 4 species in a 90G.
Two of his choices are relatively small. Five species in a 90 gallon would be fine. Personally, I would go with the Labs for more diverse colours in this tank.
I'd go with the labs, as well, just to balance out the blues.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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