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Extreme water condition change, fish lived.

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This one kinda puzzles me.
Are all the facts wrong, or did I discover something.
Check this out and share your thoughts.
I got home from work last week, a tank had broken.
Well I was like !!!!!, I just lost some fish!
So I check them out and I notice a gill move, tank is EMPTY!
So what choice do I have here, I can't put them with my baby tropheus,
And I am not putting them in the big tank cause they would be killed, they are only 3-6" mbuna.
So I pick them up by hand and toss them in a plastic tub with some 2-3" fish.
The water conditions are so different between the broke tank and the tub.
Tank 79* 8.2ph etc, lake conditions ya know.
Tub 70* 7.0ph, dechlorinated tap water.
All the fish are still alive.
Go figure right.
So my thinking, does being out of the water for an extended period of time negate the normal effects that such drastic changes normally have.
I would say they were minimum 10 mins out of the water because the concrete floor was drying already.
Any similar happenings to mention?
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sorry to hear about your broken tank. I dont think the temp (>10 degrees) was as much as the PH shock factor. Do you know what caused your aquarium to bust?
10 minutes out of water and using what little was left to keep my gills wet I would be happy in any water condition after that myself. :lol:

Mbunas are pretty tough fish and I'm glad you rescued them in time. As f8lbite asked. How did the tank break?
Why it broke I do not know, it did have a very small leak, maybe a seal let go enough to cause the cracks, one was bottom to top. Never had it happen before.

I agree the ph was my biggest concern, that being from what I have read and been told over the years. I have blamed a few deaths on just that.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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