Exochochromis anagenys

Exochochromis anagenys. Photo by Ad Konings​

Exochochromis anagenys is a predatory cichlid from Lake Malawi. The nickname "Three Spot Torpedo" accurately describes its shape and markings. Its genus name is widely misspelled as Exochromis.

Exochochromis anagenys' shape and mouth scream predator. It will swallow anything it can fit in its mouth. Reaching a foot in length, E. anagenys needs a large tank. Despite eating anything small enough to fit in its mouth, this fish has a mild temperament and may not do well with overly aggressive fish. Seeing a mature adult in a tank is an impressive sight. Its streamlined shape and yellow coloration can be the highlight of any tank.

It is reported that this mouthbrooder is difficult to spawn. Most likely a combination of needing a lot of room and that it simply does not spawn very often. If you would like to learn more about this species, read the Species Article in the library by Sam Miller.