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Not about the Seahawks losing :roll: :x

But the fact my buddy just dropped off a pretty decent 112 gallon acrylic tank with oak cabinet and top. :) Needs a bit of cleaning but overall not in bad shape, measures 60L 24H 18D The kicker, it was FREE :D

I have 10 labs a peacock and 1 Demasoni, thinking of just keeping what I have and adding more Dems, maybe a few Salousi and a couple of Acei?
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Saulosi females look really similar to YLs. Males look like demasoni. Kind of a waste/asking for trouble, IMO. Acei would be fine.
Maybe just a Dem,Lab and few Acei tank. Been kickin that around for awhile now..
Lots of acei, demasoni and labs would be a very nice tank.

Second the opinion on not adding saulosi.

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