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First want to thank everyone for all the useful imformation although I kept saltwater for a
few years all the great advice on this forum keeping my cichlids is so mush more enjoyable
than my saltwater ever was.

Now with my question, I obtained all my fish through online supplier from the reviews
section and have reordered again, $18 worth of fish and $57 shipping dont want to do this too
often! Have 4 species with 5 of each, except for the rusties had one casualty that I believe
was caused by stress.My question is If I currently have more than one male of a species can I
just add to get my ratio right instead of getting rid of any of my current male have become rather attached and dont think my lfs would take them back since i didnt buy from them.

75 Gal Emperor 400&280 Tank 4'x 18"x18"
5- magunga deep 1.5" to 2.5 all still yellow
4- rusties - not sure on these 3"
5- metriclima estherae - not sure 1.5" to 3"
5- labeotropheus trevawase [orange] 2-m 3-f

Just guessing I think I may have to add 10-12 more to get things more even that is if I have
what I think I do.

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I think considering the species you chose (some are aggressive), you are stuck for selling extra males to LFS for store credit.

Once they start harming your other fish your attachment will fade, LOL!

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I don't think you'll be able to keep two male trewavasae in that size tank for very long. They have a wicked aggression level, and mine have given me all kinds of problems. I eventually had to remove a male, after trying them in several different set ups.

I've never had any problems with multiple male Rusties.

Adding more fish might be your best solution, but I still think you're going to wind up removing some of the extra males at some point.


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The only fish you have that I'm familiar with are the M. estherae. I have 3 in a 55g. and I'm pretty sure all 3 are males. They are going on a year old and one of them is the king of the tank. The other 2 try to stay out of his way and I can tell they aren't very happy so I'm going to get rid of them or put them in other tanks and try to get some females.

It isn't hard to get rid of males when they are getting beat up on. I had 3 male auratus too and had to take one back to the LFS because he was getting beat up on. So far the other 2 are doing ok together but I really don't expect it to last so I'm prepared with another tank set up :wink:
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