Eretmodus sp. "cyanostictus north". Photo by Dave Hansen​

An article on Eretmodus sp. "cyanostictus north" has been added to the library. New pictures and the author's experience with the species help show some of the character and interesting behavior of this pair-bonding bi-parental mouthbrooder from Lake Tanganyika.

Most Eretmodus species like E. sp. "cyanostictus north" are not only a joy to keep but also demonstrate some of the traits that make cichlids so unique. E. sp. "cyanostictus north" pair up and breed for life, and share the responsibilities of raising their offspring. Both parents will hold the eggs/larvae in their mouths until they are old enough to be release. For more details check out the article titled Eretmodus sp. "cyanostictus north". Discussion can be done in the Lake Tanganyika Species forum.