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Eretmodus Cyanostictus diet..

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So I am convinced that my gobie is more an omnivore than a vegetarian, and leading more to the meaty side of that! I was told at my LFS that they eat crustaceans within the plant matter (algae). I can also tell ya that I have never seen my gobie eat algae, but goes crazy when I treat to BS..

Anyone have any input to this and their thoughts on this?
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I feed mine NLS thera A. All is good and have yet to have any complication.
I use NLS as a staple as well. Thera A and Cichlid formula... + treats
Gobies are usually pretty tough little fish. I've had them for years and they've never bloated up and will eat pretty much anything. I usually feed them a mixture of veggie flake and NLS. They don't get a chance at the BS anymore because I've cut back to a single tank and I now keep them with trophs, but when they were eating the BS on a more regular basis I found I had no issues with them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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