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Enantiopus sp. "Kilesa"
by Benjamin L. Smith

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I had two males and two females and only one male maintained a nest in the 4 foot long 75 gallon aquarium. For tankmates, I used Cyprichromis leptosoma "Jumbo". Both females spawned at the same time and the clutch size was 13 for one and 15 for the other. Of note, if I do a water change while the female is still holding eggs, she will spit. I encountered the same problem with Enantiopus melanogenys.

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My four fish were obtained from Dave's Rare Aquarium Fish and were large enough to note the color in the males at 2.5-3 inches of length. The water in my tank mimics that of Lake Tanganyika, in that it is hard and alkaline. The temperature was around 73° F. Water changes of 50% were done once every four weeks. Filtration consisted of two hang-on-back filters rated for 60 gallons each. The lights were on a timer to be kept on for 12 hours each day. The tank was located in a waiting room and the fish were very timid and rarely showed their color. Décor consisted of a large piece of "holey" rock in the center with a smaller piece in one corner to provide the females a place to hide when they were not interested in spawning. The substrate was Quickcrete Play Sand. The parents were fed flake and the fry were started on Hikari First Bites and then moved to crushed flake.

This is a fairly delicate fish that is sensitive to water quality. It is also skittish and will attempt to jump if scared, so a nice lid for the aquarium is a must. The fish is also on the pricey side and so I would not recommend this fish for the beginner, though I would not say you need to be an expert.
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Originally published in The Lateral Line, the official publication of the Hill Country Cichlid Club.
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